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A Comprehensive Student Community

A comprehensive EMS student community chock full of EMS students and EMS education specialists ready to freely interchange ideas, teach topics and bridge the gaps necessary to ensure student success. 


In the process of becoming an Emergency Medical Services provider, regardless of level, there are two tests that every aspiring provider must pass.  One is the Psycho-motor Exam, where the fundamental skills for the certification level are tested in front of a panel of evaluators, and the other is the Cognitive Exam, where the knowledge necessary to function at the desired certification level is tested in front of a computer. Registry Ready was designed with the intent to facilitate attentive studying for the Cognitive Exam by offering national registry exam simulations, learning resources, and study skills for those candidates looking to certify at the EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic levels.

Need More Than Just Questions?

The goal of Registry Ready is to provide an answer to a need for improved standardized study tools and practice exams for all EMS candidates.  Our ultimate mission is to close the gap between the hard work occurring in the EMS classrooms and the poor outcomes occurring on the National Registry Cognitive Exam.

Registry Ready premium membership comes with access to:

  • Full-length National Registry simulation exams paired with easy to understand reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses based on category.
  • Smaller category focused exams to test understanding on a focused group of questions.
  • Access to our facebook group “NREMT Daily Practice Questions” to engage with other students who are studying to pass the NREMT exams.
  • Weekly live lectures on NREMT content by EMS and Medical professionals.

    The team behind Registry Ready is a group of dedicated EMS educators focused on the purpose of giving their students an improved chance of passing the Cognitive Exam to earn their certifications to become EMS providers.  The easiest and most direct way to do so is by offering a chance to practice exam questions written similarly to National Registry questions and to show students areas of weakness in their current knowledge. The very little study content that exists does not portray an accurate simulation to National Registry which is why even after utilizing those tools, candidates still fail.  Registry Ready’s team strives to closely mirror National Registry exams to give its members an edge when it comes to facing the actual exam on their own.



Our back-to-basics podcast was created to make what are sometimes complex medical topics easy to understand and retain for students of emergency medicine