Choose a Plan that Works for You

5 things to do RIGHT NOW

to pass the NREMT cognitive exam

Unfortunately, the NREMT cognitive exam passing rate is only 70%. This means that almost one in every three people fail it their first go

around. But you don’t have to be one of those! These 5 things to do right now to pass the NREMT cognitive exam will put you on the

path to 1st-time success!

1- Understand the Exam?

The National Registry is a Cognitive Adaptive Exam. If you don’t know what that means you are definitely not alone. This means that as you take the exam, the computer makes the questions harder or easier depending on if you are getting the questions right or not. The takeaway?….. There is no way of knowing how you are doing when you are actually taking the exam. The trick is to simply take each question one at a time and do your best. If you really want to know if you are going to do well, you need to be confident you studied correctly.

3 - Make a plan

Everyone learns differently, so the best way for you to study is most likely different than someone else’s. Take an inventory of how best you learn. Do you enjoy videos? Doing questions? Reading the text? Take some time to explore what options are out there but don’t get hung up on finding the perfect resource. After a little exploring, pick a plan and stick with it. Make sure you are studying every day and that you give yourself enough time to cover all the content in any resource you use. Finishing all of the questions in a question bank or all of the videos in a prep program will take you a lot farther than doing some sections in multiple formats. Write down your plan and study schedule and then get to it!

5 - Trust yourself

You know this stuff. It may not seem like it but you really do. You’ve finished the programs and have worked hard to get here. The exam

is one hurdle and it does not make you a good or bad first responded if it takes a few times to pass. What makes you good at what you do is showing up every day, ready to learn more and do your best, and care for those in need. So trust yourself, trust your plan and we know you’ll get through this stop along the way to becoming the best you can be at what you do!

2 - Know what’s being tested

The NREMT cognitive exam includes questions in 5 areas of knowledge. 1) Airway/Ventilation 2) Cardiology 3) Trauma 4) Medical and 5) EMS operations. About 20% of questions are on Airway Ventilation, 20% Cardiology, 15% Trauma, 30% Medical, and 15% EMS operations. 85% of questions in each section are about adult patients and 15% are about pediatric patients. This can help guide your studying. The NREMT website has complete outlines of everything that could be tested. If you go to and choose your level of education (EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic), you will see the “Education Standards” on the left side of the screen. This is a complete list of all concepts that can be tested. We used the education standards to create our video course to make sure we covered all of the important material that might be on the exam.

4 - Get some accountability

Nothing is more isolating than studying alone. It can be daunting and stressful to be cooped up studying for such a big exam. So share your study plan and schedule with a friend or family member so that they can encourage you along the way and ask you how you are doing and if you are keeping pace with your plan. Be upfront about what you need from them and maybe even plan a standing phone call once a week where it’s their job to check in and see how your plan is coming along. Don’t do this alone!

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